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Multiple Intelligences Mathematical Logical Musical Visual-Spatial Body-Kinesthetic Verbal-Linguistic Intrapersonal Existential Naturalist Interpersonal

Multiple Intelligences- Multiple Successes

Shari's Little Learners believes that no two students are alike and therefore it is our job to discover their individual strengths. As Howard Gardner indicates, "students possess different kinds of minds and therefore learn, remember, perform, and understand in different ways." Shari's Little Learners provides an individualized educational plan that encourages, motivates and challenges each student as he or she develops the tools for continued achievement. By determining how an individual student learns, our tutors can tailor instruction.

Our objective is to help students achieve their academic goals and raise their self-confidence through their successes. Our Tutors guide, assess and encourage your child every step of the way. They are also there to support you as well, providing open communication throughout with written summaries of each session.

Click HERE to see an example of a written summary provided each week.


Learning through sound, rhythm, and music.

If your child's strength is Musical then a great way to learn the multiplication tables would be through familiar songs like Happy Birthday or Row, Row, Row Your Boat.

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Learning visually and organizing ideas. Learning through images and pictures.

If your child's strength is Visual-Spatial then a great way to help them learn spelling skills would be through color coded word cards and highlighting patterns.

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Learning through their bodies; through muscle, sensation, and movement. With this movement, a child can process information.

If your child's strength is Body-Kinesthetic then a great way to help them learn sight words would be through the game Twister with words on each dot.

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Learning through feeling, values and understanding other people.

If your child's strength is Intrapersonal then a great way to help them learn about inferences and characterization would be through their favorite book such as Owen.

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Learning through interactions with other people.

If your child's strength is Interpersonal then a great way to help them learn a foreign language would be through theatrical role play.

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Learning through classification and categories. Such as understanding features of the natural world.

If your child's strengths is that of a Naturalist then a great way to help them learn about cultures would be through classifying the differences and creating categories.

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Learning by experiencing the real world.

If your child's strength is Existential then a great way for them to learn about the economy would be through a real world store and budget.

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Learning through words and language.

If you child's strength is Verbal- Linguistic then a great way for them to learn about writing would be through summarizing a broadcast of a favorite team.

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Learning through numbers, patterns, and recognizing relationships.

If your child's strength is Mathematical-Logical then a great way for them to learn about word building would be through puzzles. A 4-year-old might sort their stuffed animals by color, then by size, and then according to use.

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