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"Jessica Finell has been tutoring our 7 year old son for over a year now and has really been able to help him improve in certain areas of literacy that we wanted to focus on. She uses many varieties of learning materials , games and technology to make their time together fun and enjoyable for him. Jessica is in touch with his teachers as needed so the learning plan in school will mirror what she works on with him, this has proven very successful."
Rebecca Friedricks

"Shari was instrumental in finding the ideal tutors for my son and daughter. Over the summer, she was able to match them with Ava who completely understood what they needed to start the school year on point. Once we were in Manhattan, she selected Allison, another extraordinary tutor. Allison brought my daughter up to grade level reading and engaged my son in a way we never thought possible. Shari's intuition and expertise made the difference for our kids. Her tutors are amongst the most skilled teachers I have encountered. We feel so lucky to have found her."
Dr. Julia Samton

"During her stay with us she greatly impressed us all with her hardworking and caring attitude as well as her dedication and endless enthusiasm in working with young children. She has displayed professional maturity and an understanding of young children that is uncommon in a young, beginning teacher. Shari is a conscientious, dependable and dedicated individual who is always willing to do more than is expected of her. She is a positive role model for children. She exercises sensitivity, courtesy and tact when dealing with staff, students and parents. She is constructive and considerate when dealing with children. She is supportive of their individual development and learning styles."
Dr. Marlene Barron, Barron International,
Former Head of West Side Montessori School, NYC

"I know Shari as a classroom teacher and tutor. She truly cares about her students and puts her all in everything she does. She worked with my daughter throughout the summer and taught her early reading skills and motivated her desire to read. My daughter loved working with Shari and we were thrilled with how much she learned! We highly recommend her."
Hedva Ofek-Shai, Director of Hebrew Language Curriculum at Ramaz School, NYC

"Shari is one of the best tutors that we have ever worked with. She is very communicative with me and my son actually looks forward to going to see her to do school work. She is always trying to come up with new and fun ways for him to learn and enjoy the process at the same time. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a tutor for their child."
Beth Benalloul

"As an afterschool academic mentor to our three young kids, Shari instilled a love of learning into their lives, helping them to develop strong academic skills and positive character development. The self-confidence and yearning to succeed that she was instrumental in cultivating will help to carry them throughout the rest of their lives."
Craig and Gail Feder

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